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The lateritic nickel ore deposits springer

  • Atmospheric pressure acid leaching of Caldag lateritic

    May 10, 2016· Nickel naturally occurs in two forms, sulphides and laterites. The depletion of high-grade nickel sulphide ores, high cost of fuels and implementation dictate the future production of nickel from lateritic nickel ores. Lateritic nickel ore deposits are surficial, weathered rinds formed on

  • Geology, mineralogy, and chemistry of lateritic nickel

    The co-processing of these materials at 250 °C, with oxygen overpressure, using total pulp densities of 30% or 40% w/w, and a range of nickel concentrate to nickel laterite mass ratios between 0

  • Extraction of nickel from lateritic ores at atmospheric

    Jun 01, 2009· Nickel and cobalt extractions were 96.0% and 63.4% for nontronite; 93.1% and 75.0% for limonite after 24 h of leaching at 95 °C, respectively. Overall acid consumptions of ores under the optimum conditions were 669 kg H 2 SO 4 /ton dry ore for nontronite and 714 kg H 2 SO 4 /ton dry ore

  • Composition and origin of lateritic nickel ore - Springer

    Jul 01, 1989· Abstract The recently discovered lateritic nickel ore deposit on the summit area of the Tagaung Taung contains about 40 million DMT nickel-saprolite ore with approximately 2% Ni. The serpentinite massif is covered with a thick weathering mantle consisting of saprolite, limonite, and an allochthonous lateritic surface layer.

  • 3D modeling of the laterites on top of the - Springer

    Feb 10, 2017· Resulting from the weathering of the Peridotite Nappe, laterites are abundant in New Caledonia and host one of the largest nickel deposits worldwide. This work presents a 3D model of the Koniambo nickel laterite ore deposit. It shows that the laterites are located along the ridges of the massif and organized as hectometric-sized patches obliquely cut by the topography and distributed at

  • Ni-Co Laterite Deposits of the WorldDatabase and Grade

    Figure 3. Box plot of average nickel grades of deposits by mineralogical subtype ..18 Figure 4. Box plot of average cobalt grades of deposits mineralogical subtype..18 Figure 5. Bivariate fit of deposit size by area of Ni-Co laterite deposits ..19 Figure 6.

  • Lateritic nickel deposits of Brazil SpringerLink

    Mar 01, 1992· Abstract Many nickel deposits are known in Brazil, accounting for about 350 · 10 6 tons of ore with an average of 1.5% Ni. All are of the lateritic type. These deposits are scattered throughout the country, being rarer in the Northeastern Region and in the South, below 25 °S latitude.

  • Scandium-Bearing Minerals in Lateritic Nickel Ores of the

    study is to identify the most dominant Sc-bearing minerals in lateritic nickel ores consisting of limonite and saprolite ores. We present results of whole-rock analyses and microanalyses of the nickel ores from the Soroako deposit using EPMA and LA-ICP-MS. Soroako nickel deposit is located in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. Lateritic nickel ore bodies

  • (PDF) Lateritic, supergene rare earth element (REE) deposits

    Over 250 lateritic deposits of REE are currently known and many have been important sources of REE. In southeastern China, lateritic REE deposits, known as ion-adsorption type deposits, have been

  • Mineral deposits KPMM

    of ultrabasic rocks (deposit of Magurë). Nickel bearers are hydro-silicates of magnesium, iron and aluminium. The deposit of Cikatova is bound to the lateritic weathering zone of peridotites and weathered ore material, too. Explorations on Ni in Kosovo began in 1961 in the Golesh massif. Later, in 1967, the deposit in the Drenas area was

  • The lateritic ore deposits of Brazil

    lateritic deposits is discussed. Laterite, Ore deposit, Bauxites, Iron, Manganese, Nickel, Brazil Les gisements miniers d'originelateritique duBresil RESUME - All Bresil, les l11ecanismesd'alteratio~-'.!:1p~gene ont conduit ala formation d'unepais recouvrementjgjeritique sur

  • Ores unprocessed - Cargo Handbook - the world's largest

    Lateritic (nickel) ore develops by long-lasting weathering of the parent rock and particularly occurs in tropical areas with a repetition of wet and dry seasons. The majority of the worlds nickel resources are contained in these laterites and account for a large proportion of the worlds nickel production.

  • (PDF) Nickel Laterite Ore Deposits: Weathered Serpentinites

    Nickel laterite ores account for over 60% of global nickel supply. They are the product of intensive deep weathering of serpentinites under humid tropical conditions. Nickel is concentrated to over

  • Direct atmospheric leaching of saprolitic nickel laterite

    The process involves leaching the highly-serpentinized saprolitic portion of the nickel laterite ore profile in strong sulphuric acid solutions at atmospheric pressure and temperatures between 80°C

  • Major Mines & Projects - Mining Intelligence and News

    The Onca Puma mine is built on lateritic nickel deposits of saprolitic laterite ore. Lateritic weathering profiles at Onca and Puma can be classified according to protolith mineralogy and the accumulation of quartz. Protolith mineralogy, the presence of significant chlorite and/or vermiculite in the serpentine #3 host at Puma distinguishes that

  • Kinetics of Leaching of the Serbian Nickel Lateritic Ore

    2) from Rudjinci, Serbia which belongs to laterite-silicate group of deposits. These deposits have the great importance for nickel metallurgy, because of their large presence. The main aim was to study the optimal parameter of leaching process for nickel lateritic ore. The initial solids, as well the leach residues, are characterized by chemical

  • Process Mineralogy of Lateritic Nickel Ore SpringerLink

    Two samples of lateritic nickel ore have been characterized, one silicate and other oxidized, with nickel grades of 0.60 and 0.28 wt%, respectively. The nickel grades in the oxidized ore vary from 0.16 to 0.26 wt% above 0.037 mm, increasing to 0.410.42 wt% below this fraction, where 79 wt% of

  • The life of Ni - Nickel Institute

    ORE MINING Surface - underground Class 1 nickel By-products Ferronickel Sulphidic Ore Lateritic Ore UPSTREAM SUPPLIES Electricity - fuels - materials Cradle-to-gate Unlike most other metals, nickel ores are found in diverse geological formations, in different mineralogical forms, at different depths, with varying percentages of nickel content, and

  • Nickel Mountain Mine Near Riddle, Oregon The Diggings

    cornwall (1966) reported several other deposits in the klamath mountains, including eight dollar mountain, woodcock mt ., red flats, pine flat mt ., and little red mountain, contain an estimated 45 million metric tons of laterite material, but the nickel content in all these deposits is less than 1%.


    2.7 Nickel Extraction Methods from Lateritic Nickel Ores 2.4 Nickel and Associated Minerals 2.5 Nickel Ores 2.6 Nickel Reserves 2.5.1 Sulfide Nickel Ores 2.5.2 Oxide (Lateritic) Nickel Ores 2.7.1 Pyrometallurgical Processes ABSTRACT ÖZ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS LIST OF TABLES LIST OF FIGURES

  • Mineralogical Investigation and Washability Treatment of

    The ores are residual deposits of lateritic weathered crust of ultramafic rocks with a significant financial significance ac- cording to their composition of nickel and cobalt. About 85% of lateritic nickeliferous ore deposits are devel- oped in ophiolitic zones. Most lateritic


    the major reserve of Indias lateritic deposit, which is estimated to be 65 million tons with 0.15-1.2% nickel content (Sukla and Das,1987; Kanungo and Jena, 1988). The only significant deposit of lateritic nickel ore in India, which is in the ultra-basic belt of Sukinda, is yet to be commercially exploited.


    Nickel-Cobalt Laterites Preamble Nickel-cobalt lateritic deposits are residual concentrations formed by tropical-style weathering of ultramafic rocks. Lateritic deposits include a number of deposit sub-types that result from different geological, geomorphological and climatic conditions. Typically, a

  • Major Mines & Projects - Mining Intelligence and News

    The Ambatovy orebody consists of two large, thick, weathered ultramafic lateritic nickel deposits located approximately 3 km apart. The regional geological setting is a north-south belt of basic gneisses and migmatites, which are part of the high- grade metamorphic rocks underlying the eastern two-


    established. Therefore its study may lead to discoveries of ore deposits like the Lateritic nickel ore deposits in the country. Ground water resources have been widely used or the most widely used resource in homes, urban centres/towns and in industries for example in Nakuru town, Kenya. Unfortunately most of the

  • Nickel Laterite ore deposits: Weathered Serpentinites

    Centre Manceau A, Calas G (1985) Heterogeneous 16 pp for Ore Deposit Research, University distribution of nickel in hydrous silicates of Tasmania, Hobart, Special from New Caledonia ore deposits. Publication 4, pp 205-220 American Mineralogist 70: 549-558 E LEMENTS 128 A PR IL 2013


    According to the fabric, the nickel lateritic ore of Hudenisht is described as secondary pseudo-autochthonous deposit, overlying a typical autochthonous laterite horizon. The chemical analyses of representative samples collected from various parts of the nickeliferous ore deposit are presented in Table 1. Table 1.

  • Lateritic Nickel Ore Deposits - Ore Deposits Technology

    Typical nickel laterite ore deposits are very large tonnage, low-grade deposits located close to the surface. They are typically in the range of 20 million tonnes and upwards (this being a contained resource of 200,000 tonnes of nickel at 1%) with some examples approaching a billion tonnes of material.

  • The Lateritic Nickel-Ore Deposits SpringerLink

    Abstract. Nickel belongs to the transition metal family and shows close chemical similarities with Fe and Co. Even more than these elements, it is concentrated in silicated Fe-Mg minerals by octahedral substitution with Fe 2+ ions. Thus, the mean mineral/ matrix partition coefficient of Ni is 14.0,5.0 and 2.6 for basaltic whole rocks, for olivine, and orthopyroxene and clinopyroxene, respectively.

  • P The Accuracy Of Ore Reserves Estimation

    The case study conducted on lateritic nickel reserves is based on a cut-off grade (lowest average grade). 1). Characteristics of Nickel Ore Reserve estimation carried out simulations on the X nickel deposits. Exploration activity that has been done is taking samples with a regular distance of 25 m by using a rotary drilling tool.

  • Nickel Deposits of - USGS

    nickel ore deposits are closely associated with mafic and ultramafic in­ trusive rocks, and the nickel in the ore bodies was probably derived either from the intrusives themselves or from similar rocks at depth. Thus the original source of most of the nickel ore bodies found in North America and elsewhere in the world was probably the mantle.

  • Computer modeling of high-pressure leaching process of

    2.1. Material (Ore Rudjinci, Serbia) Rudjinci deposits, near Vrnjacka Banja, are the most abundant ones in Serbia. The ore has a low level of metal components and high level of SiO2. Rudjinci nickel ore deposits belong to a group of exogenous nickel deposits, a subgroup of laterite-silicate deposits

  • Economic geology - Supergene ore deposits

    Jan 10, 2017· 1.2.2 Supergene enrichment by descending (vadose) solutions Lateritic nickel ore deposits are of major economic importance. They form by intensive and long-lived tropical weathering of ordinary ultramafic rocks, which enriches nickel (and cobalt). Two types of nickel laterite are distinguished: i) the oxide type in the upper, oxidized iron

  • Ni-Co Laterite Deposits of the World; Database and Grade

    May 26, 2011· Ni-Co laterite deposits provide one of two major natural sources of nickel and cobalt. The economic importance of this deposit type expands in direct relation with industrialization of developing countries. Until now, the world nickel supply has been predominantly from sulfide deposits.

  • Nickel laterite deposits geological overview, resources

    ore deposits, but lesser known examples include lateritic gold deposits (e.g., Boddington in Western Australia) (Evans, 1993). Nickel laterites are the product of lateritisation of Mg-rich or

  • Lateritic nickel deposits of Brazil - NASA/ADS

    Many nickel deposits are known in Brazil, accounting for about 350 · 10 6 tons of ore with an average of 1.5% Ni. All are of the lateritic type. These deposits are scattered throughout the country, being rarer in the Northeastern Region and in the South, below 25 °S latitude. They are mainly associated with mafic-ultramafic massifs of large dimensions and ultramafic alkaline complexes, and

  • (PDF) Nickel-Cobalt LateritesA Deposit Model

    Deposit areas for the 20 largest exploited nickel-cobalt laterite deposits (see fig. 1 for deposit locations). Compiled from Berger and others (2011). Mineral Deposit Models for Resource Assessment 13

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