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Switzerland manufacturing scenario ppt

  • Overview of Cleaning Validation in Pharmaceutical Industry

    Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical drug products and drug substances shall demonstrate a control to reproduce consistently the desired quality of product, wherein the control of cross-contamination plays an important roll. ii. A worst case scenario rating is used to select the worst case in each group. iii. Validation of worst case.

  • PowerPoint Presentation

    European Economic Area agreement (1994) requires three EFTA states, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway (not Switzerland), to guarantee EUs four fundamental freedoms, and all legislation governing SEM and competition, including employment rights. EEA countries have no vote on such legislation.

  • The Future of the Automotive Value Chain 2025 and beyond

    manufacturing, or logistics. As an example, lets have a more detailed look at 3D printing: 3D printing is a high- impact but uncertain driver. It has a potential impact on various links in the supply chain. It reduces the time to build prototypes or even entire devices and thus supports the process of innovation.


    Federal Chancellery in Geneva, Switzerland on 28 June 2012. The workshop gathered 40 participants from 12 OECD countries, academia, the private sector and international organisations to discuss the challenges that they are confronted with in crises management. The agenda, summary and key presentations at the workshop can be found there:


    Apr 04, 2013· SWITZERLAND Country Overview Regions and Languages Geolocation Deutschschweiz Economy Capital: Bern Largest city: Zurich Direct Democracy Referenda Neutral for over 500 years NOT part of the EU UN member since 2002 Population: 8,000,000 Over 2/3 is urban Foreign residents: 22.8%

  • Crisis Intervention Team Training (CIT) Training Scenarios

    The initial pace of a scenario-based training program is designed to be slow. The first few scenarios will likely take more time because the Officer(s) must learn much of new communication skills. The pace improves with each successive scenario as Officers become proficient with the basic skills.

  • (PDF) Building Inventory and Refurbishment Scenario

    Yet, future research could indeed couple the model with scenarios for the Swiss energy system (SFOE, 2012;Prognos, 2012), building inventory and refurbishment patterns (Ostermeyer et al., 2017)

  • White Paper Fourth Industrial Revolution Beacons of

    Nov 14, 2018· While manufacturing represents 16% of global GDP,2 manufacturing industries account for 64% of global R&D spend.3 However, there is potential for worker displacement if changes are not handled properly. Strengthened collaboration among stakeholders is needed to understand unexpected consequences and manage the transition.

  • Cell and Gene Therapies: A Manufacturing View

    Apr 24, 2019· DCAT Value Chain Insights is an online information resource offering news and analysis on the issues impacting the business of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. DCAT Value Chain Insights covers the full spectrum of the pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain from raw materials to intermediates to drug substances (small molecules and biologics) to drug products (solid

  • OSHA's Hazard Identification Training Tool - How to Play

    Manufacturing Scenario. You are the head of Amalgamated Polyscientific Enterprises International, a company that manufactures parts for next-generation hovercrafts. Your goal is to ensure that your workers remain safe. You must find hazards to maintain a

  • Occupational Exposure Limits (DNEL)

    Introduction to Derived No-Effect Levels (DNELs) Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH) requires European manufacturers and importers to establish exposure scenarios for chemical substances produced in or imported into the European Economic Area

  • Switzerland - SlideShare

    Oct 22, 2014· + Map of Switzerland 5 Switzerland is a landlocked country. It borders France, Italy, Germany and Austria. 6. + History of Switzerland Around 1500 BC Celtic Helvetians entered Switzerland and colonized the land. By 58 BC the Romans took reign of the area and built a capital at Aventicum (Avenches).

  • Switzerland Manufacturing Output 1990-2021 MacroTrends

    Switzerland manufacturing output for 2019 was $131.72B, a 2.65% increase from 2018. Switzerland manufacturing output for 2018 was $128.32B, a 3.22% increase from 2017. Switzerland manufacturing output for 2017 was $124.31B, a 2.32% increase from 2016. Switzerland manufacturing output for 2016 was $121.50B, a 0.39% decline from 2015.

  • Shell Scenarios Shell Global

    Our scenarios ask what if? questions, helping us explore alternative views of the future. They consider long-term trends in economics, energy supply and demand, geopolitical shifts and social change. They also help governments, academia and other businesses understand the

  • Product Costing Made Easy - SAP SIMPLE Docs

    Various typical scenarios for different manufacturing environments A graphical overview of the production process Each step in the process is described and helps you track the flow through the various PP, MM, and SD transactions. The T-accounts used in the Pre-Configured Client (PCC)

  • A case study of lean, sustainable manufacturing

    scenario (common with lean production) versus a batch-style manufacturing scenario. The focus group reported that several green manufacturing metrics were more positive in lean manufacturing than batch -style manufacturing: Air pollution was lower in a cellular manufacturing scenario since exhaust and power consumption was less

  • Analysis of Manufacturing Systems

    Manufacturing stems from the Latin words manus (hand) and factus (make). Nowadays, by manufacturing we mean the process of converting raw material into a physical product (we do not consider services to be manufacturable). A system is a collection of elements forming a unified whole. Thus, a manufacturing system refers to any collection of

  • Switzerland Economy: Population, GDP, Inflation, Business

    Switzerlands economic freedom score is 81.9, making its economy the 4th freest in the 2021 Index. Its overall score has decreased by 0.1 point, with only small changes registered in individual

  • Growth opportunities Strategies for Swiss manufacturing

    slow markedly, with global growth of just 2.3% as against 2.9% under the baseline scenario. The alternative scenario would see Swiss GDP growing by 0.25 percentage points less per year than under the baseline scenario, producing a cumulative decline in GDP of around 3% by 2025. Switzerlands MEM industry would lose

  • PowerPoint Presentation

    Inject #11:00 p.m.. By now, this has become a major wind and freezing rain storm. Winds are reaching 75-80mph. The snow continues to fall; temperatures drop to 20 degrees.

  • Industry 5.0 Imagining Industry 5.0 Manufacturing

    With AR glasses and other manufacturing augmentation improvements from Industry 5.0, o ur plant tour will become a mixed reality experience that can be enjoyed onsite and remotely. Taking a tour with AR glasses will allow visitors to see real-time data as they

  • Nestlé: Good food, Good life Nestlé Global

    Nestlé is the world's largest food & beverage company. We unlock the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come.


    1. Work through the scenario 2. Discuss how your group or Service would respond 3. Document your responses on the sheets supplied 4. Identify areas for further work or development Scenario Your workplace is as you currently find it, and the time is 1100. You are working at the computer, when suddenly the screen goes blank and the lights go off.

  • 3D Printing Technologies and Techniques - Sculpteo

    3D printing is also called additive manufacturing. This term accurately describes how this technology works to create objects. Additive refers to the successive addition of thin layers between 16 to 180 microns or more to create an object. In fact, all 3D printing technologies are similar, as they construct an object layer by layer to create complex shapes.

  • January 2015 Poland 2025: Europe s new growth engine

    The aspirational scenario is designed to move the Polish economy from good to great with ten years of 4 percent-plus annual growth. The business-as-usual scenario, of 2.6 percent annual growth, can seem sufficient for Poland, but in todays uncertain world economy, it hides certain risks.

  • Sharing a Proven Tabletop Exercise Format and Scenarios

    Scenario Water Damage A Monday in October 6:30 AM: Employees arriving to work have reported standing water on three floors of your office building. 7:00 AM: Facilities management has confirmed water damage to the three floors and one additional floor. Later that morning 9:00 AM: Affected employees continue to arrive. 10:30 AM: Facilities reports the source is a water cooler on

  • IFRS 9 Scenario Implementation and ECL Calculation for

    IFRS 9 Scenario and Retail Portfolio Strategy, October 24 th, 2017 6 An entity shall measure ECL of a financial instrument in a way that reflects an unbiased and probability- weighted amount that is determined by evaluating a range of possible outcomes. (5.5.17) When measuring ECL, an entity need not necessarily identify every possible scenario.

  • R12 Business Case Process Manufacturing

    Jan 11, 2009· However, once the aluminum is produced it becomes a discrete product. Grind Digest Calcinine Process Inventory Iron, Silicon, titanium (Ingredients) equals Aluminum Machined into variety Of products Process Manufacturing Discrete Manufacturing Pipes, Tubes, Panels, Auto equipment Discrete Inventory 24.

  • Swiss Economy Facts and Figures

    Jun 01, 2020· Switzerland has the lowest rate of value-added tax in Europe. 8% is levied on most goods and services, 3.8% on accommodation services, and 2.5% on basic necessities and other everyday items. Every year Switzerland spends close to 3% of its GDP, more than CHF 18.5 billion (around EUR 15 billion or USD 20.6 billion), on research and development .

  • Crisis Management in the Manufacturing Industry

    Aug 23, 2018· Crisis management, particularly in the manufacturing sector, can make the difference between an extended and costly disruption and a quick resumption of operations. The worst-case scenario, of course, is absolute failure and this has consequences that are far-reaching, such as affecting the financial well-being of stakeholders and the loss of

  • Technology Scenario Artificial Intelligence in Industrie 4.0

    TECHNOLOGY SCENARIO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN INDUSTRIE 4.0 3. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is regarded as the major force behind innovation today. Whether in the private, public, or economic sphere, the use of artificial intelligence has an impact on society as a

  • Digital T ransformation in European Steel Industry: State

    manufacturing and transversally affects all the others. As consequence, it can be said that the technological transformation in the European Industry is driven by digitalization, aiming mainly to increase the production efficiency and sustainability in order to reduce the industrial environ-mental impact.

  • Research overview Advanced Manufacturing in Switzerland

    Advanced Manufacturing in Switzerland. 3 5 Foreword 7 Introduction 8 Additive Manufacturing: Definition and icons 9 Industry 4.0: Definition and icons 10 Overview ETH, Universities and Research Centers 11 Overview Universities of Applied Science 12 Additive Manufacturing 13 CSEM 13 Empa 15 EPFL 15 ETH Zürich

  • Industry 4.0 Challenges and solutions for the digital

    3D printing (additive manufacturing) will accelerate the transformation of the Swiss manufacturing industry to industry 4.0. According to our survey findings, only very few manufacturing companies are so far making full use of the scope offered by 3D printing technology in their development, production and logistics processes.


    Big Data challenges in Smart Manufacturing 9 Scenarios aiming at representing all the different features of a SMI in Europe: 1. Smart Factory grand scenario, where data is generated inside production lines and analytics is needed for safety, optimization and diagnosis of

  • World Energy Scenarios 2019

    The three 2019 scenarios are, as before: These scenarios were developed by World Energy Council members and produced with our collabora-tors, Accenture Strategy and the Paul Scherrer Institute. The process included 100 expert interviews and several workshops building the scenario narratives, both in London and other locations.

  • ORIGINAL: ENGLISH A WHO guide to good manufacturing

    2 A WHO guide to good manufacturing practice (GMP) requirements Part 3: Training This guide can also benefit those whose work is related to training activities in a vaccine manufacturing facility. It can be used in either of two ways, as an information tool or as additional reading during a structured workshop for developing effective trainers.

  • Overcoming Uncertainty With the Aid of Scenario Planning

    Oct 17, 2017· Manufacturing firms need to make this a priority now. To Be Successful, Scenario Planning Takes Commitment. Effective scenario planning requires time and resources. And while Rolls-Royce's one-time, boot-camp style endeavor helped turn its strategy around, scenario planning should ideally be a continuous effort.

  • Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Overview Analysis 2018 {PDF

    Oct 23, 2017· Indian pharmaceutical industry Overview and Analysis 2018 PDF PPT is now here ready for you to have a glance. The Indian pharmaceuticals market is the next biggest concerning quantity and thirteenth largest concerning value, according to a report by Equity Master.

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